4 dead, 5 wounded in Kansas Cit bar shooting


Authorities say a gunman entered a Kansas City, Kansas, bar and shot nine people, fatally wounding four.

KSHB-TV reports that officers were called Sunday at 1:30 a.m. to the Tequila KC Bar for a shooting.

Police said someone entered the bar and opened fire. Four people were shot dead inside the bar. Five others were taken to a hospital in stable condition for treatment.

No one has been arrested in the shooting. Authorities do not know if there is more than one shooter. The motive for the shooting is also unknown.

Kansas City, Kansas, police are investigating the shooting and gave brief details on their Twitter account.

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I have ideas on how to lessen this seemingly daily scenario in America, but since none of them match up with either crazily polarized side in the debate they both see me as the enemy rather than the one to find sensible compromise and end this madness. Even the idea of compromise is unfathomable to them at this point.

And so I am sure the truckloads of thoughts and prayers on their way, the gun debate cycle spiraling to nowhere gets an extra little push to keep it going and let the mantras and obfuscations begin.

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Just another mass shooting.


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American style democracy. Everyone has the democratic right to guns.

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Another day, another shooting in the US of A.

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Another unfortunate event that suggests it may be time to examine the change society has undergone in the last 70 years. Something is driving the world wide mindset decline in "successful" cultures.

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Oh, they’re at it again.

Thoughts, prayers etc.

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Unfortunately its America and they love their 2nd...nothing is going to change..for a Country that considers themselves as World leaders they do seem pretty stupid......

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it may be time to examine the change society has undergone in the last 70 years.

There have been longer periods of peace and stability that were rudely interrupted by genocide and civil war. Don't kid yourself. Pick up a history book.

The problem is not the Second Amendment. Guns are a symptom, not the disease. That said, it does help to treat the symptom, but those who keep insisting treatment of that one symptom alone will be a cure all are as outside reality as those who say we need more of the symptom to finally have wellness.

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The problem is not the Second Amendment. Guns are a symptom, not the disease.

I'm scratching my head over that. I think the symptom is the wish to kill people. The disease may be harder to define, but as you said yourself, it has happened before. Meanwhile, access to guns as in this case and in the case in Austria in the previous World article appears to be the vector for producing the outcome.

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The motive for the shooting is also unknown.

He wanted a shot bar ?

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Don't blame guns! Gun-lovers know full-well the man could have easily done the exact same thing with a pillow or a cup of dry rice so long as he had the intent. Just another day in 'Merka! Yee-haw!

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America and its gun violence.


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Another day, another massacre/shooting in the United States of America (U.S./USA) ... when will this nightmare end?

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Do,do,do,do,do doo, it's just another day.

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