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What do you think of so-called influencers on social media?


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So brainwashed. People are so easily influenced on social media and most are like for second and repetitive.

Go hike the hills at various places and be influenced by your own experience and the natural surroundings.

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They're just lemming leaders.

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Just as stupid as youtubers. But if they’re making good money from putting pointless crap on the internet, then good luck to them.

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First you would have to ask me what I think social media which I haven't even used for more than 10 years saving thousands of kWh it takes to use a data center.

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Shallow, narcissistic attention whores

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I don't think about them. They influence nothing in my life.

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I don't mind them, but then I don't follow any of them. As for the YouTubers, I must admit to watching a few of the Japanese videos by people who have a genuine love for Japan. Not the negative types.

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Influencers? or attention seekers? Once upon a time these pompous peacocks never amounted to anything other an irritating annoyance.

Social media has allowed their self righteous belief in there own importance to infuriate on a global scale.

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A digital world where likes and followers is all that matters...

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Just a form of marketing. They are just marketing themselves based on the metrics provided to them.

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