When disaster strikes in the 'cashless' era, there's no substitute for old-fashioned money

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Typhoon No. 19, named Hagibis, is still a couple of days from hitting land, but its potential for destruction is already being compared in the media with last month's No. 15, which wreaked havoc on large swaths of Chiba Prefecture in early September. At the peak, 930,000 households were without… Read


Youth suicide attempts often involve over-the-counter painkillers


Young people who attempt suicide by poisoning often use antidepressants or over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin, a U.S. study suggests. For the study, researchers examined U.S. Poison Center data from 2000-2018 on 1.68 million suspected cases of suicide by self-poisoning among people ages 10 to 25. Overall, one… Read


Freedom of speech has its consequences for NBA


If the NBA really wanted to make a statement, it should have never issued a statement, much less two. No need to complicate things when two team owners had already genuflected to the irate citizens of China. Or when James Harden took it upon himself to apologize to an entire… Read


Craft beer boom spells hope for hops in Iwate town


Encouraged by a recent craft beer boom, the city of Tono in the northeastern Japan prefecture of Iwate has been welcoming outsiders wanting to try new ways to revive the local hop-growing industry and transform the community into a "beer town." Japan imports about 95 percent of hops for domestic… Read


ANA promotes tourism in Shikoku region


All Nippon Airways (ANA) has recently expanded its multilingual tourism guide site Japan Travel Planner to include information on the Shikoku region as well as access to special deals when traveling by car. In partnership with Nippon Rent-A-Car, the website offers rates for vehicle rentals that are available only to international visitors who… Read

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'Final Fantasy' fried chicken and Moogle Steamed buns


For the most part, "Final Fantasy" doesn’t do direct sequels. Instead, the iconic JRPG video game series is tied together by recurring design motifs and themes. A piece of music that gets used in every soundtrack. A legendary sword that shows up in every game’s world. And soon, a beloved mascot creature… Read


Gelato Pique Cafe serves up Instagenic black and purple Halloween ice cream cones


Many visitors to Japan this October will likely be interested in sampling local delicacies while populating their digital photo albums and social media accounts with images of scenic, interesting and unusual sights. They may even be interested in trying some Halloween-themed sweets while they're here. We've already seen examples such… Read


CWAJ's 63rd Annual Print Show


The CWAJ Print Show is a highly acclaimed and internationally recognized exhibition and sale of contemporary Japanese print art. The 63rd annual juried show and sale will be held at Hillside Forum, a lively gallery space in Daikanyama. This is an unmissable opportunity to see and purchase vital works of… Read


Senko-ji Temple: See you in hell


Finding your way to the heaven or hell temple, Senko-ji, is like navigating your way through a bizarre purgatory in Osaka Prefecture. Once you get there, though you’ll have the chance to experience the horrors of hell on one side and the serenity of heaven on the other. This mysterious temple is… Read


Ruby Chocolate Otabe: A new collaboration from a long-standing Kyoto sweets shop


Kyoto is famous for a confectionery known as yatsuhashi 八ッ橋, made from glutinous rice flour (joshinko 上新粉), sugar and other flavorings. Baked yatsuhashi, shaped in strips and flavored with cinnamon, are very popular since they have a long shelf-life. However, equally popular is the unbaked form known as nama-yatsuhashi 生八ッ橋, typically shaped into triangles. The dough… Read

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